Why am I (still) kicking out TV shows and movies

After the post on why I kicked TV shows and movies out of my life, life for me has been easier to navigate and I have no intention to go back to the old days. However, just like an alcoholic trying really hard to be sober, there are days when I have strong urges to crawl back to my laptop and watch something, like what I used to do. It’s almost like rehabilitation phase but for the drugs. And I’m not doing so well.

See, admitting that I didn’t succeed in fighting every urge at my first try is quite important. Now that I’ve accepted the fact that I failed the first time, it’s time that I do it again, but armed with previous experience.

What I’ve learned from my first try:

  • Don’t expect to watch it “just for 10 minutes and I’ll stop”. You can’t stop. It’d be way easier if you just don’t start.
  • There’s nothing to rationalize for. “hey but it has a good plot! It has good life lessons to learn!” If you want to learn life lessons, learn from real life. Honesly, go out and live your life.
  • You’re not missing out on anything.
  • What if you’re bored? Check this out: 30 things to do to keep from getting bored out of your skull at work.
  • What if your friends talk about it and you’re the only one that’s not watching? Truth be told, I no longer care what other people think anymore. So not a problem.

And now I’ve started with my second(and hopefully the last) try. It’ll take time. I’ll give it time and see how it goes.



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