A selective reveiw on

chapter8: be confidently adaptable

In this chapter, the author talks about how people should control their ego and cultivate a service mindset in the workplace. The ego part seems obvious to me, but cultivating a service mindset caught my eye instantly.

A service mindset not only applies to work, but also applies to friendship and relationships, in my opinion. Instead of thinking “what can I get out of this”, think about “what can I offer”. This way you’ll find your work, friendship or relationship more enjoyable, because you are not paying all the attention to yourself, therefore you will be less prone to be easily impatient, angry or frustrated. For example, everybody likes a good listener, who listens attentively to what others have to say. What makes a good listener then? Someone who is not thinking about how to respond, but rather fully concentrated on others. Attention is priceless, so use it carefully.

A service mindset solves more problems than you could imagine. When you have an argument with your partner, it’s no help if you shout or scream at them. It’ll only make the problem more difficult for you. The reason you are shouting or screaming is because you are focusing on yourself. However, if you want to work things out, try look at things from others’ perspective. In this case, ignore your anger or frustration for  a minute, ask “why do you think so”, and pay all your attention to them. Just listen, no interruption, no “oh, I understand, but…”. Soon you’ll find them sit back and calm down, and in no time, you guys will get past the argument.


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