A Review of “Die Empty: Unleash Your Best Work Every Day”- part 1

This latest book by Todd Henry grabbed my attention instantly with the opening story, one about a wall where people put down their wishes and aspirations in the form of “before I die I want to…”. The truth is, many people have brought their best talent and ideas into the graves with them. They never accomplished what they had wished for, and thus died a regretful life.

The question now for every one of us is: what can I do about it?

In twelve chapters, the author talks about the important aspects of how not to die empty. Among those chapters my favorite ones are “chapter3: the siren song of mediocrity”,”chapter6: step out of your comfort zone” and “chapter8: be comfidently adaptable”. I’m going to do a review of each 3 chapters, and hopefully to remind myself(as well as you who are reading this) again that your time is limited, and you’ll die someday eventually, so make wise choices everyday.


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