It probably took less work to earn all A’s

“The surprise is that it probably took less work to earn all As than it did to earn lower grades. When you’re earning straight As, you’re learning the material as it’s presented. You’re not falling behind. You remain caught up and current on assignments. You’re not succumbing to confusion or cluelessness. If you don’t understand something, you figure it out ASAP. If you need help, you ask for help right away. You do NOT fall behind.”

My two cents

If you remain caught up, you would probably have a feeling of “hey I’m good at this stuff”. Therefore you would feel less pressured to work hard, because deep down you have already cultivated your confidence through past performance. Instead of “oh man I’ve got loads to do”, you’d probably say “well I’m gonna do that” without thinking twice and making it a big deal. This couldn’t be better defined than passion, something that frees you from the fear of failure and lures you into coming back for more.



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