Experiment: 3 days away from the Internet

“One night, lightening struck the oak tree.”

Page 13 of Atlas Shrugged no longer had my attention. An urge to check my cell phone came like a wave, which swallowed me instantly. I struggled, and gave up in the end. A voice, out of nowhere, started asking questions.

“Happy now?”

“No, not really. The blog had no updates, so I read some old posts.”

“Why did you do it?”

“Guess I’m just used to it. It makes me satisfied somehow?”

“You were not concentrating.”

But I am in desperate need of the power of concentration, without which it would be almost impossible to finish all the readings. Like Nicholas Carr, who found the Internet to be a major distraction when it came to writing, I am having a hard time reading real books after all the clicking and refreshing on websites.

How to solve this problem? Eliminate the source of distraction!

My experiment: three days away from the Internet.

I will stay away from facebook, youtube, forums, feeds, etc. Instead, I will read real books and papers, and talk to three-dimensional people.

Looking forward to tomorrow!



There are a few things I need to clarify:

1. I will not abandon my email and online student account at the university.

2. Also the blog will be updated, so that the result of the experiment will be recorded.

3. There will be no hyperlinks in my posts. Instead, notes will be added in the end. All for eliminating distractions!